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Compact System: TTL33-A

Part of the RCF Touring and Theater Series, the TTL33-A is designed as a compact, three-way active line array that offers exceptionally high performance, particularly for a cabinet of its size. RCF is a renowned Italian loudspeaker manufacturer, but when hearing the TTL33-A, you’ll recognize it is voiced for the American market.

The cabinet includes two 8-inch low-frequency transducers, one 8-inch for midrange, and three 1-inch high-frequency compression drivers. The compact size of the cabinet allows for installation without impacting visual site lines and architectural décor.

Onboard amplification and RCF’s RDNet allow for complete control and monitoring of all cabinet parameters and components. With a maximum SPL of 135 dB, the TTL33-A provides maximum output for a package of its compact size.

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Portable System: NX L24-A

The NXL24-A takes a whole new approach to loudspeaker performance, re-defining loudspeaker coverage patterns with the low-profile column design. The 30-degree rule is to become the norm – as the cabinet offers a 30-degree vertical coverage pattern to keep the sound directed at the audience. This avoids any unwanted room reflections and venue anomalies that can often impact the clarity of sound.

The loudspeaker is composed of four 6-inch woofers with a 2.5-inch high-frequency compression driver. The four woofers act much like a line array in the fact that they provide smooth even SPL output from front to back.

The NXL24-A is designed to be able to be used in multiple configurations, able to be stacked, flown or pole mounted.

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