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D.A.S Audio

Compact System: Aero 20A

A compact line array system that incorporates D.A.S. Audio’s latest technical achievements in transducer design, power electronics and system management. The low-mid range utilizes a new 12AN4 cone driver optimized to provide high output and reliability. Meanwhile, high-frequency response is delivered by the M-75N compression driver, which employs a powerful neodymium magnet
structure, a titanium diaphragm and a 3-inch voice coil. It’s attached to a new aluminum waveguide that has been designed to be free of resonances and provide a natural sound.

The Aero 20A is equipped with the latest DSP. FIR filtering provides optimized alignment for exceptionally uniform coverage. Premium AD/DA converters foster significant improvements in dynamics, while lowering distortion and noise. Remote monitoring and control is provided by way of DASnet. A new captive rigging mechanism enhances ease-of-use by allowing angle selection to be made while stacked on the transport dolly.

Companion Subwoofer: UX-218A (dual 18-inch woofers) or UX-30A (single 30-inch
woofer – moving magnet, linear motor design)

Contact Information:

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6900 NW 52nd ST.
Miami, FL. 33166 U.S.A

Main Phone: 888-DAS 4 USA
Main Fax: 1-305-436-0528
General Email: sales@dasaudio.com

Portable System: Artec 510A

The Artec 510A is a self-powered 2-way system specifically designed for applications covering speech reinforcement and program reproduction. The low end utilizes a high-efficiency 10-inch woofer with a 3-inch voice coil, while the high end makes use of a 1-inch-exit compression driver with 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm, coupled to a 110- x 50-degree horn. The transducers are driven by a third-generation class D amplifier. The enclosure has a robust grille design internally lined with acoustically transparent filter cloth to protect the loudspeaker components.

Four integrated rigging points that accept 10M forged steel eyebolts or “U” brackets make suspension in either the horizontal or vertical positions safe and simple. There’s also a pole mount for portable applications.

Companion Subwoofer: S15A (single 15-inch woofer)