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Compact System: I SERIES IV6-1122

Aesthetically designed for installed applications, indoors or out, the IV6 is a scalable, adaptive system offering wide-dispersion elements (12-inch, 2-way) available in two complementary vertical coverage angle versions (5 and 15 degrees). It’s capable of acting as long-throw line arrays, medium-throw progressive curvature arrays and compact constant-curvature arrays.

Up to 5 degrees of splay between elements eliminates excessive overlap or coverage gaps, overcoming the physical limitations and acoustical tuning difficulties of conventional line arrays and constant-curvature arrays while maintaining the best qualities of each.

Community exclusive Passive Acoustic Optimization (PAO) settings on the rear of each loudspeaker allow up to 55 different frequency response profiles to be independently selected for each element in the array, providing high-level SPL and frequency response consistency without requiring costly additional amplifiers or DSP channels. The PAO module included within EASE Focus 3 software quickly calculates the ideal PAO settings for each loudspeaker. Made in the USA.

Companion Subwoofer: IS8-218 (dual 18-inch woofers) at this demo; IV6-118S (single 18-inch woofer) also available

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Portable System: I SERIES IP8-1153

The IP8-1153 15-inch 3-way point-source loudspeaker embodies the acoustic performance, modular flexibility and elegant aesthetics found throughout the I SERIES family. Long-excursion LF drivers deliver deep bass, while matched diaphragm HF and MF compression drivers provide natural, transparent sound quality with high intelligibility and low distortion at the highest SPL levels.

The IP8-1153 is available with three choices of rotatable coverage patterns, and the I SERIES product lineup includes 30 models of 12-inch and 15-inch point-source loudspeakers available with a wide variety of rotatable coverage patterns. Additional options include five compact models (6-inch to dual 8-inch), 12 subwoofer models (12-inch to dual 18-inch) and the IV6 modular vertical array system. Proprietary BalancePoint low-profile flyware enables elegant arrays with simplified installation. Made in the USA.

Companion Subwoofer: IS8-218 (dual 18-inch woofers)