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Clair Brothers

Compact System: C12

The C12 is an award-winning (Best of Show, InfoComm 2017) line array incorporating a new approach in midrange and high-frequency technology with centrally located mid/high sections that provide 10-degree vertical coverage and variable horizontal coverage (application-specific, 60 to 140-degree range), symmetrically flanked by low-frequency sections. Acoustic waveguide lenses control directivity of the midrange in vertical and horizontal planes, resulting in a highly coherent midrange wavefront without coloration or throat distortion. Complete waveguide customization also available with the proprietary Clair TrueFit designed-to-order option.

Each 12-inch low-frequency driver has a neodymium magnet motor and is front-loaded in its own tuned reflex chamber with venturi reflex porting. The woofers are angled in a quasi-dipole arrangement that aligns the polar pattern of their midrange with the polar pattern of the midrange waveguides to provide a seamless transition as well as extended low/ midrange directivity pattern control.

Clair Brothers combines amplification and proprietary DSP processing in permanent or portable racks for all C12 systems.

Companion Subwoofer: iS218 (dual 18-inch woofers)


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Portable System: kiTCURVE12+

A full-range, curved-array, high-output loudspeaker with a custom 12-inch transducer and two 1.4-inch-exit (3-inch voice coil) high-frequency drivers coupled to a 90 by 15-degree (h x v) constant curvature, constant directivity horn delivering uniform coverage in both near-field and medium-throw applications. Complete waveguide customization also available with Clair TrueFit designed-to-order option. kiTCURVE12+ is available in both powered and unpowered versions.

Multiple cabinets can be arrayed up to five high when flown to create seamless vertical coverage of 75 degrees, with added flexibility to mount vertically, horizontally, or on a pole-mount with a subwoofer base. Arrays can also be flown with kiTSeries subwoofers (also available powered and unpowered).

The kiTCURVE12+ version is driven by an integrated 2-channel, 3,200-watt amplifier module that includes internal loudspeaker DSP. The processing is factory programmed and provides four presets optimized for various applications and array configurations.

Companion Subwoofer: kiT-Sub+ (single 18-inch woofer)